DS Roadcraft Tours


A Professional Approach

With 57 years riding bikes between them & 35 of those years training others to ride, it's a way of life for Dougie & Stuart.

What We Do

By offering several programs, DS Roadcraft Tours not only gives you the opportunity for a great holiday, but also the tools, should you wish, to increase your riding skills through specialised training.  All of the packages we offer are suitable for both single and pillion riders.

Our focus is on fun and adventure, so whilst the option is there to improve your skills during your holiday with expert coaching, this is by no means forced upon anyone.  Any coaching and/or training is all included as part of the holiday.

DS Roadcraft Tours Can Take You There

With over 35 years between them delivering basic and advanced motorcycling courses Dougie & Stuart have helped hundreds of people to realise their dream of life on two wheels. But they didn't want to stop there. 


Continually asked about touring Europe and advanced rider training they came up with the idea of combining both and DS Roadcraft Tours was born. 


The tours offer riders the opportunity to ride in Europe eliminating fears of being a 'first timer' or 'going it alone' in a foreign country whilst giving them the opportunity to improve their basic skills and possibly returning home with an advanced rider certification. 

DS Roadcraft Tours provides a "one stop shop" where customers tour with experienced guides/tour leaders & receive coaching from RoSPA, IAM and DVSA qualified Advanced Instructors should they wish. 

Their focus is about having fun, visiting new locations and not forcing anyone to ride outside of their comfort zone. 

It's entirely possible you could come back from one of their tours and be ready to take an advanced motorcycle test. 

The combination of their riding style and expertise makes them the perfect choice to help you enhance your riding skills whilst enjoying a biking vacation.